In december ill be celebrating my third year in the porn industry. It as been quite a roller coster of emotions and experiences I must say. I watched yesterday the first solo scene i did for the website I remember it like it was yesterday, got tan and pumped before the shoot, trying to act like I was doing that all m
y life… at that moment i was just the innocent french bottom twink  but i came out of the shoot as a new face of the porn industry Brandon Jones. I was a waiter at a very popular pub in the montreal since a few years then and i got to be known as the sexy curly hair boy of sky bar that everyone loved. After the scene came out people started to look at me with different eyes and approach me in a very different way. Clients were not smiling the same way, were making me such inappropriate sexual advance and couldnt see pass the bulge in my pants. I eventually quit the job as fame came along.
BJ #4_0049Since that time I have done over 50 scenes around the world with some of the most prestigious studios. I had directed more then 40 scene for lucas entertainment and my own website and been hosting gigs in clubs in Europe and USA. I started to brand my name and doing more and more promotional stunts to get Mr.Jones Films up and running.
Even thow I did all this I always see myself as the little canadian boy Dominick but i got to discover that now people only know me as  Brandon Jones the porn guy. I was walking down the street with my mom in the gay village and she told me how everyone was either smiling cause they remember they saw me naked in a movie … or just cause i fucked them before. I personally don’t see those things. I went out also with my roommate that had never seen any movies of mine and didn’t taught i was well known. On our way to the bar i got stop 2 times to sign autographs and take pictures. As we got in the club he started flirting with a guy he really liked and the moment his date saw me he gushed <O.M.G do you know Brandon Jones personally? He intimidate me so much i would love to meet him!> Then my roommate swore he would never go out again with me :(

BJ #1_0001

Im really glad that I kept my every day job as a flight attendant cause it keeps me totally grounded. I can see now why some people and fellow canadian pornstar becomes big head assholes when fame and recognition knock at the door. I guess i do have to play the part if I really want to make it and realize that Dominick is slowly disappearing from people point of view and only Brandon will be seen threw their eyes. A bit sad but i guess its part of the game. Seing how much people from the adult industry took their own life in 2012, I now realize how much a non-porn environment is crucial to mental heath. You got to separate the fact that for many people see you as just a sexual object and the real you. So next time you meet a Pornstar please be nice and compliment their work! that way you’ll grab all their attention!
Love your life
Brandon xxx